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This is about making your website in a such a way that users can find what they are looking I an ease way and efficiently(Anon n.d.).

What is web usability?

Web usability requires knowing what your customers are looking for in their web experience and making it easy for them to find or do. A site with high web usability is easy to use. It feels natural and intuitive to users without them being able to pinpoint the exact reason why (Anon n.d.)
Web usability is the ease of use of a web site. Some broad goals of usability are the presentation of information and choices in a clear and concise way, a lack of ambiguity and the placement of important items in appropriate areas (Anon 2014)

Influence in web development

Most of the people can be subconscious influenced by the design of your web

The words on your site are also going to be an element of your design that affect people ,That is the content you create need to provide people experience positive opportunities to experience positive emotions,relate to your company and understand where you are coming from.

The simple elements like the right alignment in your design and use of white space can influence subconscious of your audience(Anon n.d.).

Lead time

The slow loading page will not make people to wait and also they become impatient with your website.

Error message
If new visitor in your site finds or gets an error message when they load they cannot go back to your site again


Color on your site can have a huge impacts on the overall attractiveness of the site where choosing combination of colors can be difficult

Most of the customers looks the logo of the company and then thinksĀ about you

Headers Image

Its good to use attractive headers because there are some people who don’t like big or very small headers


They makes the sites easy to use


Avoid use of more advertisement by placing ads where the visitor wants to see your page.

(Anon n.d.)

A good website can provide a size that is polished,userfriendly and easy to maintain.

Creative influence can also help you boost traffic and communicate with your customers through email,newsletter announcement and survey(Anon n.d.).

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