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One of the most worldwide well-known campaign is from Mac Donalds: ‘I’m loving it’ (, 2012). It looks like a ‘loving’ mood has been created by this way. McDonalds think customers need to love their products instead of the normal (unhealthy) food. By this way the negative points of the McDonalds products become unseen and the people will love it definitely. A relationship between Media and Obesity is logical, but how? Which channels have impact?
In this chapter the influence of media will be discussed.

4.1 Television
Sedentary leisure activities, like watching TV, playing video games and listening to music, in the US have contributed to the increasing prevalence of overweight. In addition to sleep, watching television takes most of the free time in and during an American childhood. In the USA a research (Youth Risk Behavior Survey, 1990) had shown that over a 70% of the children, in the ages between fourteen and seventeen, watches television for more than at least one hour or more. And with that said, more than 35% watches at least three hours. The past years this percentage became higher. Another research had shown that the boys and girls who watched four hours or more per day, had more body fat and a larger BMI than the children who watched for less than two hours.
As well a research of Gort (et al, 1986-1990) showed that obesity is more prevalent by people who watch a lot of television and so there is a significant relationship found between watching television and the prevalence of obesity. The risk of obesity rises by 12% for every ‘watching’ hour per day.

Only a couple of research had shown a reverse relation between watching television and obesity.
They say that if watching television goes together with snacking, then it is reliable for being an cause towards obesity.

4.2 Expressions throughout the media
Expressions throughout Media, like TV and Internet, have a negative impact by the prevalence of obesity (2014, Visser).
A lot of investigations (Cross Sectional American Research Outdoor; Advertising, obesity, and Soda Consumption) prove there is a connection between advertisement and obesity.
In one of the investigations the age category was 18 until 98 years-old. In this research it was proved that different environmental factors influence obesity, like magazines and television. The investigators went a step further and investigated the outdoor advertisement as well. All of the data was collected and they discovered an connection quickly, but there are restrictions. This because you never know if outdoor advertisement had influenced really.

4.2.1 Children and Media Expressions
Advertisement with food aimed at children affect their knowledge, preferences, consumptive-patron and health directly. And these influence of advertising towards children is about as big as the influence of other factors in their environment, like their parents or peers (friends, classmates or other children).

The past thirty years the number of children and teenagers with obesity have increased. In the same period the consumption of not-basic foodstuffs as soda, candy and crisps have increased. Parents and carers from the children define the food of the children, but the children influence the parents.
‘They saw an TV-spot with happy children who ate unhealthy food’. Since the seventies scientists did investigation into the negative effects of advertisement for unhealthy food and drinks, aimed at children. This showed that young kids haven’t got the capacities to understand the functions behind advertising. Experts, in the field of spiritual development, keep hammering for quite some time to tougher rules surrounding advertisement aimed at children, for the reason that children are vulnerable towards those affects.
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