Essay: Regulation and control of information in the media


The information provided by the media coverage is often regulated by the government. They always determine what the entire population of the State get to learn about the national or international events while the constitution guarantees freedom of press.
Justice can be viewed as a way in which individuals are treated as equals without discrimination of any kind.
The government should be able to guarantee protection to each civilian in the state. They should eradicate discrimination, corruption and injustice.
Information is that which enlightens and increases knowledge about an individual, institution and organization. The government has always inhibited the release of info that the community should be able to access. This is experienced in the printed newspapers, broadcast of press and even the internet.
The hacker Adrian Lamo argued that the information belong with the community. This is because they trust the government to protect them. This info should always do well to the public and the government doesn’t have the right to withhold any facts from the community. (Ludlow, P 2010)
This information released enhances the knowledge of the community on the activities that the government is carrying out so as to understand their rights. The WikiLeaks released classified government information to the public: the information that was thought to put American citizens in danger.
The release of classified information delivered proof to the public about war in Iraq and Afghanistan, proof of rejection of human rights in Guantanamo and indication of high levels of corruption among the world’s leaders. (Madar, C 2013)
The information released by four individuals namely: Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Daniel Ellsberg and Jeremy Hammond, created an uproar in the media coverage. But thanks to their courage, the public finally saw for themselves the war crimes, corruption, mass surveillance and abuses of power of world governments. (Pilkington 2014)
Justice can be viewed as the attainment of what is legally just and guarantees ones rights regardless of gender, race, nationality, social status or religion.
The level of justice is always biased to certain people in the society. There is proof of loose ends when it comes to ensuring the civil rights for a lot of people. It has been obvious due to several demonstrations which are taken to the streets, after several murder cases on unarmed people of color conducted by a white police officers. They usually face few if any consequences. (Manning, Chelsea 2014)
The denial for justice for transgender community is still not obvious to fellow citizens, despite their rampant systematic discrimination. The application for jobs or basic identification document for a transgender is such a hostile experience. They are discriminated and denied the sense of belonging. The institution is biased and favors cisgender individuals- those whose sexual characteristics is in alliance with the sex they were born with- and assumes that transgender individuals are different. This is done despite sufficient evidence that transgender people have existed throughout the history and that they can live well, industrious lives, but the government continue to impose barriers to their existence.
No one should have the authority define an individual. We should be able to state ourselves, in our languages and to be express our personality and perception, without distress of penalties and retribution. We should be accepted by the people we live as their equals and not be discriminated. We have rights to exist and we shouldn’t fight for them. (Manning, Chelsea 2014).
Weapons, arms or armament, is any device used so as to cause harm or injury to living beings, organizations or systems. Militia weapons and firearms which are legally registered are used to enhance the efficiency of security to the community.
The public has the right to know how the law enforcement agencies are policing its community and spending its tax dollars. They should be able to provide efficient security to the community and minimize the number of deaths.
The recent raids by the Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) teams have always resulted to death. The police have been raiding the area which is believed to be occupied by black people connected in drugs activities. Alecia Phonesavanh says in her statement ‘This is about race. SWAT teams don’t attack white collared community with grenades in their homes’. (ACLU 2014). This can also be reflected on Trayvon Martin case who was a black unarmed kid and was shot by Zimmerman (white) based on suspicion that he might be on drugs. (Cockburn, A 2014)
Firearms should be used for self-defense incase the other party has proven to be violent and doesn’t surrender voluntary. It shouldn’t be used for self-purpose without sufficient evidence of violence otherwise this will be treated as crime and if there is murder, it will be a manslaughter case.
The government has an obligation to the community and no information that belongs to the community should be withheld or regulated. The public should be given the mandate to decide what is good for them and choose ways in which the information is beneficial to them.
Justice has always favored the white collar community, wealthy and cisgender. This shouldn’t be the case, it should always be applicable to all individuals at equal measures, regardless of their gender, race, nationality, religion or social status.
Firearms should be used to provide protection to the community. It should be used to enhance security in the State, unlike the recent cases, where it has been used to manhunt the black community. The shoot to kill order must be applied in a life threatening situation.

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