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Social media is the future communications, a countless array of internet based tools and platforms that increase and enhance the sharing information. It has become the integral part of life for all the communities or people nowadays. Social Networking Sites like Face book, My Space, Twitter, Friendster and Blogger are the examples of social media that have influence many people’s life. For an instance, users can get to meet their long lost friends and family members through the sites above. This can help them to foster a better relationship with their loved ones. Besides, social media had also given a great influence to the business world as most of the entrepreneurs had fulfilled their desire easily and achieve a great success in their business. Though social media contributed many good impacts to the community, but getting to addicted like chatting with people untill late night especially the ones users dont know and playing excessive online games can create negative impacts towards a persons life. Extreme use of social network platforms like Facebook, My Space or Twitter can create adverse impact to the users safety threats, career and academic , privacy as well as physical and mental health.
First and foremost, social network such as Facebook, MySpace , Twitter or Friendster are an open network whereby any users are free to post or share about their informations or personal data with others.Not only that, they will also upload many pictures of themselves in the social network as it can help the user to overcome their boredome and vent their emotions.They dont really care about what they updated about as they think that most of the other users will not really bother about it. However, these careless users are not aware about the crime and the danger that they are inviting. Posting photos or sharing personal data can cause cyber bully or online harrasment(Admin,2010). As an example, New Yok ,North Carolina police have launched a statewide investigation into naked photos of teenage girls spreading rampantly through Instagram and Facebook accounts, and one 17-year-old high school student has been arrested and charged with cyber bullying.Police had also explain that cyber bully occur most of the time as many social network users do not prioritise their private details and photos(Sullivan,2014).Therefore being too addicted to social media can lead a person to unwanted problems.
Moreover, most of the users nowadays spend most of their time playing online games which are offered by the social networking sites.Games such as farmville,Fishvill, Pool live tour and Sims Social are users most favourite entertainment. They dont mind sacrifying their duties and meals just for the games above. Although playing online games releases a persons stress but playing too much can effect their career and academic performance. Social networking sites are some of the worst offenders. Purely because they’re a constant stream of news and views from people who, for the most part, they want to listen to. Getting to distracted to online games tend to make users to procrastinate their work or assignments. Not only that, as they get disturbed, they will lose their concerntration and easily cause them to have very limited time to complete their job .Therefore, this attitude might affect their future as they will have very less responsibility and dedication towards their work. Thus they might easily lose their job and affect their own rice bowl.
Furthermore,getting too distracted by social media can even reduce the family bonding between family members. Social networking has created a serious breach in the ability of people to communicate and interact with each other.Users this days find their happiness more in social network than spending time with their family members. They will even often visit their relations and isolate themselves in the room. Therefore less interaction might decrease the understanding between the family members as there is no face to face communication between each other. Not only that, serving too much on social network can also cause the user to spend less time socializing in person with friends or working partners colleague. This reduces their communication skills. They will not be able to interact fluently and effectively in person with others. Thus, the employers nowadays are getting more and more unsatisfied with the communication skills of the fresh graduates due to this reason. The effective communication skills are key to success in the real world.
Despite, social media had also cause invasion of privacy among the users life. Most of the time, the users feel that their personal data are safe on social networking sites because they have set high levels of security settings. However, they will still get into trouble by getting hacked easily as they are not aware of the changes occurs in the social networking sites, whereby privacy changes will be made time to time in order for the user to always get updated and get full protect of their privacy.Some users will not take about the updates in social network as they are busy with their works. Because of this, many users do not realize how much private information they are allowing to become public by not re-evaluating settings every time the network makes a change. Thus, when they post or share any information which is related to their personal life, they will easily get hacked or threatened by strangers. Sometimes, updating useful information may be fun but a lot will make us to lead a terrible life.
Besides all of this, social media had been proven to attribute physical health problems to most of the users because of the addiction in them. As an example, , users who log into the social network will tend to sleep late and lose lots of energy. According to New Yorkker news, the rise in A.D.H.D. diagnoses may, in part, be the result of inadequate sleep: in children, symptoms of sleep deprivation include hyperactivity and overuse of social media.(Konnikova,M. 2015). Other than that, serving the social network all the time will cause the user to gain weight..This is because, while accessing the net for a long time will cause the user to get hungry. According to recent studies, just two hours sitting in front of a computer per day will increase the risk of heart disease by fifteen percent (Alison, 2013). Thus, other than heart dieases ,users also tend get health risk such as obesity, and stroke as very less physical activity is conducted by the user itself and . Next, social media addiction may alter the gene work, upset immune responses, imbalance hormones and weak arteries. According to the BBC News, Dr Aric Sigman said, lack of face-to-face networking could alter the way genes work, upset immune responses, hormone levels, the function of arteries, and influence mental performance. This, he claims, could increase the risk of health problems as serious as cancer, strokes, heart disease, and dementia.(,2009).Using too much of SNS can even effect the brains of the user and lead them to a negative way of living. The cells in the brain which is the nucleus incumbent will be stimulated and can cause the users to get Alzheimer Diseases whereby many users can easily forget things.
Finally, social media addiction can harm users mentality health. As we know that, social network is a stress free site for everyone. Users are allowded to post or share information and chat with their friends anytime they want. However, it can still bring adverse effect to users mental health as it can form unnecessary depression and anxiety in them.(Badaeu,S. 2013) As an example, if an user is cyber bullied by a stranger or hacker, they might experience bipolar disorder as they might be abused sexually or mentally .Therefore, this might make them to feel so worried as they think that their privacy is overhelme and insecure. Thus, they might make commit sucide as an option as they think that they had lose all their dignity to an unknown stranger.As an evidence , According to the BBC news, Rehtaeh, a 17 years old girl from Nova Scotia, Canada, was allegedly sexually assaulted by four boys. One of the boys took a photo of the incident, which spread through the school via the internet. Months of cyberbullying from her peers followed, culminating in her suicide.(Arthur,G. 2014).Apart from this, Anxiety is another disorder that can give negative influence to users. We know that many people on social media sites often present idealized versions of their lives, leading others to make upward social comparisons, which can lead to negative emotions.(Rauch,2015) As an example, people nowadays would love to update their successful achievements in social network like passing exams with flying colours, getting thin and fit in a month, or getting a very good work in foreign country . A jealousy feeling might effect the particular user badly as he or she cant achieve any one of the factors above. Thus,users will undergo social phobia , a disorder whereby the affected users look low upon themselves and feel anxious about their life.(Andrews,G.2015) They might lose their sleep as they tend to overthink about themselves. Besides, they might also take drugs or marijuana to overcome their anxiety feelings and to satisfy themselves.
In a nutshell, Online social media have gained astounding worldwide growth and popularity which has led to attracting attention from variety of researchers globally. Although with time all generations have come to embrace the changes social network has brought about, but it will also produce unfortunate alter if the user are too addicted to it. So, try to reduce posting or sharing personal informations as it may execute users privacy and get itno unwanted problemssuch as cyber bully or online harrasment. Besides, users are advice not to waste time on playing or serving the social network too much as it may form negative bias in their future like affecting their rice bowl and their academic performance .Not only that, excessive use of social media can also lead the user to have internal and external health risk .Therefore, all parties should play an important role to prevent the unwanted problems causing by the social media as it may not only effect the family dignity but also the country’s image.

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