Essay: Television media in the Philippines

The Philippines has very powerful background in terms of television media. One of the companies that produce very promising shows is ABS ‘ CBN which has been serving the industry since year 1953. ABS ‘ CBN television shows are aired nationwide; hence, everyone in the Philippines would be able to have access to these shows, including the children five years old or younger.
The ABS-CBN company produces non-general patronized television shows such as: profanity, violence, sex, horror, drugs and etc; therefore, parental guidance really is required and necessary for the young audiences, especially for the preschoolers. According to Dr. Emma Raizman (2013), violence on TV is much different than the violence we were watching when we were younger, so there is a lot more of it. And the problem is the kids imitate what’s on TV. So, not only are they imitating it after watching it a great deal it becomes their reality, so all of a sudden their world is a world is much more violent.
There are numerous studies conducted about determining the behavioral effects of watching television programs to children not suitable to the ages in various attempts and procedures. Many of these studies are more on observation of the researcher to the participants who watch a certain television program with themes and scenes not appropriate for them. An experiment conducted by Alison Parkes has reported that examined the independent effects of television content (violence) and television formal features (action level) on children’s attention to programs and their post-viewing social behavior.
The inhibition of children to watching television shows is unavoidable hence that the responsibility of guidance over the children to television media is on the parents. According to Professor Hugh Perry (2013), of the Medical Research Council, which funded the study: ‘We’re living in a world that is increasingly dominated by electronic entertainment, and parents are understandably concerned about the impact this might be having on their children’s well-being and mental health’?

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