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We should start by reviewing the meaning of stereotype. This is just an idea that people have developed in view of something or rather someone usually the developed notion is usually wrong. The knowledge of stereotype is acquired by both sexes in America be it youths or adults with the view of culture understanding. The learning of this argument is achieved through the media. In our current generation, there are persons who have developed the idea of investigation of media information through advertisement analysis not forgetting the use of television. Movies have also been the best sources in obtaining best media programs that happens the American culture. According to research shows that the stereotype is mainly based on gender and race analysis. Things that hence advertised in media prevail different type of information to the citizens. This imposes different view of persons to others. The art in which they relate to one another is influenced by the information obtained in such media. There is rapidly growing population in the states of America and hence people grow with different norms of cultural religion value. Like in our case the paper will research on the Islamic religion. With much of the American achievements not being addressed on media programs such as shows, television viewing and also watching some Hollywood movies.
Similarly the television advertisements are based on racial discrimination such that on viewing how people of other races. The pictures representing the African race are of poor quality and diminished. This is the same aspect that the movie actors are seen to undergo. The characters are involved in plays with being given some discouraging to play. However this should not be the way our future generation is going to look like. Some of them are seen as bad character portraying the role of rather being prostitutes.
Thesis statement: the paper talks about some cultural aspects of religion and how such religions are advertised on media in America. People are on the watch out of any event that occurs in on American media such as television and advertisements and hence any wrong idea that is posted there creates some lasting impression to the member states. I have chosen to talk about Islamic religion and how media views the religion from other types of religion.
Islamic religion is one of the most encountered religion found in the United States of America. Here we shall discuss how the Islamic religion is branded a negative picture in American media sources that includes movies and even any type of advertisements made on the religion. The Islamic religion leaders in the US has in many times tried to make inquiries on how their religion is much looked upon by the media sources. Some of the words put forward on magazines to describe Muslims are so discouraging such that any Muslim feels inferior being associated with the United States to other states. Such word like ”terrorist” have in many times appeared on social magazines to describe the Muslims. Some of the Islamic words used are poorly misquoted to provide other meaning such like the ”jihad” illustrates a person who is ready to commit crime which not the same as how the term is viewed by the Islam’s themselves. According (Peters,s 205-215) to Muhammad a jihad is someone who passes through difficult times so as he may make his life a bit better than before. Some evil instances in America have associated with the Islam such as the Gulf War. This has brought lamentations by Islam since with the crime commission by a small group of bad character Muslims brands them a bad image. Some Muslims rather see this as being a form of racism and ask why they were part of the American citizens as explained by (Saeed, 443-462).
Hence we can as well say that Muslims in The United States face some forms of stereotypes with the many evidences being put on the media sources. Many of the Muslims are denied the chances of employment. The vacancies are given to citizens of other religion regardless of their educational qualifications. This has however discouraged the Islam for working smart with the aim of achieving their goals. When you visit some places or even by watching television you could witness some Muslim lacking accommodation places where they can settle with their families. Hence they are not in better position in making any form investment like any other American citizens. Most of them have ended up facing harassments in the city streets by the unknown attackers who are neither Muslims. American citizens of other religious groups have attacked the Muslim in their places of church service. A lot of property destruction have been drafted in American magazines.
During the ancient times in the United States the issue regarding church violation was given little attention as the media did not put much considerations on this tragic event. It was observed in places like Yuba where some Mosques were badly destroyed and the government did not bother finding out the reason on this. This are just among the many occasions that have led to church being destroyed. Even only finding a place to locate the mosque was a problem. There were no connections that could land them in better places where there was enough security agencies that could benefit there stay. The link between stereotypes and public harassment was often observed. It was however observed that in a meeting in the city of California one of the citizens stood up and even opposed that Islamic center is not established in the states.
Some organizations even went further funding the anti-Islamic groups to attack the Muslims in their places. In the year 2011, the publications from Center for American Progress suggested that shown some anti-Islamic groups being funded to go and fight against the Islamic group. It has led tensions among the Muslims who fear losing their lives engaging in civil wars. The effects of stereotyping in the United States against the Muslims were prone sine before the current generation. The incident that involved bombing of the Oklahoma City in the year 1995 was still associated to the Islamic religion. The media sources such as those aired in Hollywood media as shown in (Shaheen,s 171-193). The sources of the information is however believed to be the experts hand hence they were much reliable in giving the right information to the public. In response to this, immediate actions were taken against the Islamic groups. Many of the families were attacked at their homes and even worshiping places in the next couple of days. When research was conducted, it clearly shown that many of the Muslims had just been involved in the rescue actions and not bombing of the state. This however led to them suffer as innocent souls. This could really confirm the oppression they were going through. I think no one could not bear with such living conditions.
The rapidly growing number of Muslim individuals in the United States has now mobilized its religious members to fight against these disastrous type of stereotypes and the pronounced damages they are causing. They are even going an extra mile offering the available resources to the media groups to tell the public about the Islamic groups. In cases of any problem or a crisis, they call the public media and the required response team officials to come and solve the prevailing problem.
According to our class lectures and readings, the course work support this this image of stereotype branded to Muslims. In some chapters in class work were able to establish how some the Islamic groups are being discriminated and looked upon by government officials and other relies groups. Is the same image that has been portrayed according to what has been found when research was carried out. We have read about the situations the Muslims are going through and actually one could tell they were not safe until they emerged with some strategies of having representatives who are able to fight for their rights. This has now led to change the notion in media sources with respect to Muslims. Televisions have now provided a venue to rebrand the Islamic culture. We saw the American Muslim being aired on deletion for almost one full season on The Learning Channels. In line with the issue of employment, they received some attentions from all the sources for live improvement.
In conclusion, stereotyping has brought more effects on the Islamic religion in the United States with it being overlooked as a bad religion that no one could associate with. Though with the many proposals suggesting that both the Muslims and other religions are alike, still there are some misleading media sources that and some few individual characters who continue creating a sense of fear in Islamic understanding. The Muslims societies are trying to develop ways that can help them fight this issue of stereotypes. They want the issue of Muslims being fearful be the issue of the older days and that do not exist in the current life. Many of the Muslims enter the United States as a subject of immigrants and hence with view of people they face prejudgments due to their countries of origin such as those of Arab states. As discussed in the above paragraphs, all these have contributed to the oppression of the American Muslim society and hence declining in their community roles.
There have been many political debates and terror attacks which have raised bad names on the Muslim nation such as the San Bernardino city. This has seen has promoted fear in the American citizen associating with the Muslims. It has resulted in the banning of Americans entering the State of America. I think this issue of Muslim stereotyping should be debated upon in state involving functions to help the Muslim men enjoy their lives. Oppression of other peoples culture should not be practiced as it makes such persons live with fear such the American Muslims.
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