Thor and Captain America

Marvel heroes Thor and Captain America are members of the Avengers. Thor, the son of Asgardian god Odin, has the alias “Donald Blake” when residing on Earth. He protects the Earth and his home planet Asgard. Captain America does not hide his identity as the public knows him by “Steve Rodgers”. Captain America fights in wars both on Earth and in space to proect the members of his country and planet. Although both Thor and Captain America are both noble superheroes known by many, Captain America proves to be the superior hero because of his strength, kindness, and means of protection for others.

Thor is born with strength that is multiplied when he receives his hammer, Mjolnir. The hammer was given to him by his father when he had proven himself to be “a worthy warrior” (Thor, 1). Only the worthiest warrior can lift the hammer, meaning only Thor can lift it. Captain America also has strength; however, his strength is given through a “Super Soldier Serum” (Captain America, 2). The serum allowed him to perform at the maximum rate for humans. He used his power to save Earth.

Thor is forced to show humility by Odin. He gets sent to Earth as part of a “lesson in humility”(Thor, 1). He becomes a medical doctor as Donald Blake. During this time, he does not have his hammer. When Odin gives his hammer back to him, Thor decides to fight crime on Earth as Thor and not Donald. Captain America shows humbleness from the start. He wanted to join the army, an act of selflessness, but he could not make it through physical training. That is when he becomes a test subject for “Operation: Rebirth” and gets injected with the serum (Captain America, 2). When “Bucky” asked to become his sidekick, he allowed it to happen. He even trained Bucky himself.

Both Thor and Captain America protect others. Thor uses Mjolnir to help him fight his enemies, as well as those attacking Earth and Asgard. He paired up with Odin and his brother to protect their planet in a battle against an enemy of Asgard. When a demon attacked Earth, he overpowered it. Captain America protected Earth as a whole, as well as space. He fought against Nazis in World War II, and he teamed up with other heroes to protect the White House. He fought in the “millennia-old Kree-Skrull War” (Captain America, 3). He and the Avengers partnered with the alien Kree Captain (Captain America, 3).

Captain America proves to be the more admirable hero because of his strength received through the “Super Soldier Serum”, his humility and humbleness shown to others, and his means of protecting Earth, specifically America, and Space throughout his career as a hero. Thor shares many thing sin common with the Captain, but he just does not prove to be a better hero. Thor’s acts are noble, but Captain America comes out on top.

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