Economic Migration

Since historical times people were trying to settle in the best locations. This will never change; this situation is still in power nowadays. About 80% of people are living in less developed countries. But anyone trying to improve their life and there is a solution for this - migration. Economic migration is when people migrate to another country for economic benefits - for work and money. People migrate to most developed countries like - UK, USA, and Australia. In this essay causes of economic migration will be analysed.

Economic migration is influenced by many different reasons. Migration flows from the less developed countries to the more developed countries, the biggest flows are from South America to North America and from Africa and Middle East to Europe (Population Reference Bureau, 2004). The popularity of this directions is non-random, because Europe and North America countries all the most developed, and this countries contain such called “Economic centres of the world”, like London, New York, Moscow. These are the most beneficial cities for making business, very suitable for searching for partners and simply it will be easier to find work in megalopolises than in tiny cities. High developed countries and big cities are interested in new workers, and they trying to open new working places and employ foreign born people. For example in Europe, if you are a citizen of EU, you can easily travel in Europe and it will be easy to find a suitable place for yourself, because a lot of leading EU countries offers a lot of opportunities for immigrants. They open job centres, companies trying to establish new employment programs, trying to engage good specialists from other countries. This are an examples of legal migration, when people received visas or green cards to legally work in countries and pay taxes, but there is illegal migration which has not only economical causes but more likely by this causes are social. A huge number of illegal immigrants moved from Mexico to the USA, about 7 million people (U.S Department of Homeland Security, 2005). There are a lot of examples in the world, United Kingdom experiencing a big amount of illegal immigrants too. But this people are immigrating not only for money, they trying to escape from horrible world, that they live in. Illegal immigrants are generally from poor countries, with extremely low living standard. They live in crime and socially negative regions, and they have no choice, only immigrate to the other country to find more suitable place to build their life.

Economical migration can be having political causes too. Nowadays, a lot of countries are experiencing problems in governments. For example situation in Latvia can be analysed. People are running from this country, because of extremely critical situation with employment and economics. All this problems are caused by politics, because of rash and unprofessional solutions and actions. Politics ruined this country and destroyed stability, it caused very high rate of economical migration. There is a view that, economical migration causing unemployment in countries. Generally, this view is wrong, according to the study of E. Sorensen; in the USA immigration affect on unemployment between in country is extremely low (Sorensen, 1990). Therefore, it can be concluded, that immigrants are not enemies for the local people. In conclusion, economical migration is a required process in the world labour market. Observing economic migration in the world, it can be stated that migration causes positive influence on the world economics and international business. There are a lot of causes for it. Politics of high developed countries are turned to create favourable conditions for immigrants, providing to them social and employment help. Thus, economical migration for leading countries can be very useful and helpful, the governments just need to manage this process and help people.

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