By taking into account developments that have been happening in the world, our department is seeing the need to be at the forefront, both in technological and industrial advances, and the new portfolio of services which has as its main mission entertaining the public.

Our business idea of ??a simple need in the local population and Tolima which is unheard supplied through the years, born of a market which is somewhat forgotten in the territory and, while exploring a new economic opportunity for the department of Tolima, where there is more of a benefit which makes the capital a city conducive to tourism development.

Our Zoo marine is in conjunction with the development plan of the department and also on the agenda in 2025 which encourages entrepreneurs to invest in ideas and innovative drills, which marked a new turning point nationally and have been making coffee and Panaca park.

Also generating high level of development for the Tolima and increasing productivity levels not only in the industrial part, also in the development of its people to be aware that this advantage of the marine zoo gives them a new way to have fun, learn and develop an intellectual level.



Keep a look knowledgeable, aware, alert and constantly on global trends in tourism, so that the sector development plan is kept updated and connected with the successful strategies, demand, consumer preferences and specialized products.


� Retrieve the competitiveness of the sector

� Consolidate the supply and demand

� To increase foreign exchange earnings from tourism reception

� Maintain, improve and expand employment in tourism

� Promote regional development

� promote and consolidate new tourism products.

� developing sustainable tourism.

� Promote quality and profitability.


The marine zoo's mission is to work, create jobs, contribute to the development of tourism in the municipality and achieve immediate objectives.

Working with an emphasis on quality, compliance, and future business vision and take into account the corporate values, so that the roads are open to national and international expansion.

Contribute to the contribution to the excellent quality and a reduction in costs, efficiency in key indices of globalization.

Another mission is to ensure total quality control and a permanent supply

Strategic alliances with renowned companies in the world history of the aquarium, allowing us to share the risk and thus face more demanding markets.


We envision in 2025 as the main theme park Aquatic Colombia and internationally recognized, with the best service providers of entertainment, leisure and learning as well be the leader in innovation, applying the highest standards of technology and thus provide developing region.

We hope to maintain a high level of permanence to be identified as a symbol of excellence and be recognized as the search engine and employment oriented Nieles high customer satisfaction.


According to their activity:


According to the profit:

With profit as each partner will receive the corresponding gain on sales of products.

Depending on the length:

Permanent, because the goal is that the company has a long life and the idea is to innovate the service to make the market more broadly.

Depending on the size:

Micro enterprise because it requires less than 10 workers, because originally going to be small, and need most of all is machinery.

According to the formality

Formal, because there are hierarchies and rules to be taken into account so that the company has a good performance.

According to the principal beneficiary:

Is an organization of business interests, because the partners will be the main beneficiaries.

According to the power:

Regulation because the idea is that both employees and partners are motivated internally to work, for pleasure and self-belief.

Depending on the source of capital:

Private, since partners are the ones who bring the entire capital.

According to its establishment:





� You have defined a vision for the future of the city.

� Poor condition of roads in the city.

� Lack of tourist signs and public toilets.

� Poor management of public space.

� Lack of urban furniture.

� Limited ability to perform simultaneous large events

� Little information about the city in the whole country.

� Lack of promotion of the product "teaser" that characterizes the city.

� limited air connectivity.

Tourism sector

� Limited private sector boost to tourism development

� Lack of sufficient statistics, timely and reliable

� Low supply of Colombian music sites

� Close to half-day trade and holidays

� Missing information material about the city

� There is no easily accessible information on the activity of the city

� Travel agencies offer plans with no receptive

� Companies with no plans to market contacts nationwide

� Little variety and quality of local tour packages

� sector Disunion

� Lack of industry leadership

� No organized marketing to attract attention to the city

� No image as a tourist destination

� Insufficient customer satisfaction surveys to develop actions

� Lack of product innovation and utilization of technology services

� Low skills and training in the sector


� Ignorance of the city and its surroundings

� Lack of a culture of tourism

� Low ownership by the city

� conformist mentality

� Routine corporate behavior

� Low entrepreneurship in the sector

� Ignorance of the potential of tourism to boost development and create jobs.

The tourist

� Visitors with low purchasing power


� Lack warmth

� No training for sale

� Service personnel in the city known tourist sites

� Lack of training for taxi drivers treat tourists events.


� Proximity to the largest potential market, Bogot�

� Construction of dual carriageway to Ibague - Bogota

� Tunnel Construction of Line

� The high costs of air transport makes us consider the option to travel by road to nearby sites.

� Resources and natural and cultural attractions to exploit

� Existence of a national law enforcement to promote tourism.

� Project Development and cultural corridor Panopticon

� Be necessary step on the route Bogota - Quind�o

� Interest from the government sector to boost national development tourism as a development strategy and employment generation

� The low occupancy at the hotels can offer favorable prices for package tours.


� Recognition of Ibague as "Musical City of Colombia" (brand)

� Connectivity land through the main roads of national

� Sections relatively short in duration for road trips or tickets to major tourism source

� The road linking the city with the largest potential market Bogota

� Ibague is one of the safest in the country.

� environmental and scenic wealth

� Warm weather and mild

� relatively safe city

� Proximity to the new hub of tourism development: Quind�o

� Major hotel offer different capacity for public financial

� City of comparatively inexpensive prices


� High competition for eco-tourism offer in Quindio

� Peel off the tourist development of Villavicencio, accompanied by major investments.

� Lack of resources to promote development and promotion activities Desk.

� Continuous landslides on the road to Armenia - Cali.





Ongoing training






Human management







Customer service.

Accountability and honesty

Respect for people and work.


Sense of belonging to our social and environmental



Looking at the population Tolima, each of the group set itself the goal to identify certain shortcomings and characteristics, which helped to approach solutions to problems like environmental pollution, lack of recreational areas and / or parks thematic and also deficient in innovation and technology, thus resulting in the following ideas exposed through Brainstorming:

This consists of a garbage, in which the waste material is transformed into a paste by means of a chemical to produce recyclable material.

Amusement child . consists of a park aimed at children in the department of Tolima, where there would be a series of games in which children could play and have fun while their parents go shopping.

Restaurant in the afternoon. This commercial in which he will provide the food service's main feature, which will be open only on weekends at night until the wee hours of the morning.

Water theme park. (marine zoo). This national innovation marking the department's progress in artificial ecosystems, which inhabit aquatic animals, amphibians and other types from different parts of the world and an array of ecosystems, which may be found in this water park.

Considering the needs that are in the territory of Tolima department, has discovered that people have insufficient entertainment venues that will allow the community to acquire knowledge about a specific topic and advances in technology which are essential for the development constant of the department. Moreover, taking into account the planning that has the municipality of Ibague to increase investment in the territory, reducing unemployment, improving the quality of life of people by providing recreation and include in this space of the environment are fully fit.

In determining the current environment and based on the trend of global economy in which each country should be at the forefront, the main sources of this study are external and are based in parks, restaurants, departmental development plan of Tolima, and technologies have been developed worldwide, which are making a difference between the new companies, generating development to every place where they are located and go along with ideas against global warming and preserving the environment.


Throughout its history, Ibague not register a significant tourism development, and the few references realizations do not have any statistics or studies or reports to determine the precise evolution. Historically, Ibague is referenced as a city of passage. Despite having beautiful natural resources, a pleasant climate and location have not been developed attractions capable of attracting the attention of visitors, nor have any unique services offered to convene tourists.

In the scope of ideas, has identified the need for entertainment venues, recreation and tourism in the department of Tolima, which in turn provide knowledge to increase the portfolio of hotel services to ease the education of children also increase the field research from local universities and generate non-existent technology for the treatment of animals and monitoring of human masses, for this reason, we choose the idea of ??Aquatic Theme Park, a zoo is inviting maritime culture ; This idea was chosen with the approval of all members of the group, concluding that it has the most potential, as it will allow the city to have a greater tourism development, broadening the supply of the city and creating jobs in the region.


The zoo or aquarium marine, is a water theme park, which provides knowledge, fun and entertainment to society.

Propose is based on various types of recreation, and some innovation for cultural stimulation and growth of people of all ages, it may interact with species that are atypical in the department, and develop a role as an economic alternative in Tolima.

The central attraction zoo will orca whale, which can be viewed from different perspectives, as the visitor can navigate through a tunnel at the bottom of the pool and can enjoy the wonderful sea. It will have a delfinodromo in which there will be a special performance of dolphins and seals and other aquarium will be housed different species of fish.

Within the theme park also find various attractions such as swimming pools and slides, but will also have roller coaster and other rides, you will also find various information rooms where visitors were trained with respect to marine animals, this area functioned as a museum .

The service we provide is aimed primarily at children and people who are between 7 and 45, since it is considered that would smile greatly maritime show, however we can not neglect the rest of the public acceptance. As a high-cost service will focus on the people of strata 3 and up, without discriminating against the lower strata to be found due to packages and promotions for easy access.

The idea is to attract and retain people in large cities in Colombia to choose the city of Ibague as a good tourist destination, the people who come to the capital of Tolima, they do so primarily for trading purposes or family visits, very little tourism . The average stay is 1.5 days, thereby generating opportunities consumption in the various businesses of the city and especially the hospitality has been limited.

Among the needs of potential consumers, you can find the lack of interaction with marine animals, lack of family entertainment venues, entertainment and education.


The market department of Tolima is a rough diamond tourism in this part of the work should be borne in mind that the city of Ibague is located in a strategic part of Colombia, which brings together a number of benefits will therefore give big market moving to the city and the department as such by offering a new service portfolio we are increasing quantity and quality in the same number which makes us competitive in a market.

Given that the opportunities to be met revolve around sites that give cultural opportunities, technological, modern and fun. With our aquarium will have the opportunity to give a technological breakthrough to the city, where we have a lot of shows, animals in conclusion tolimenses not imagine that they were in the department, with this wealth of new services is generating is this helping to create a new culture in the area of ??fun and entertainment.

We have relied on World theme parks as provided in which such services not only in terms of United States if not globally, we must also take into account that we are generating much of technological development and advancement level innovation thus bringing saltwater animals requires a high level of technology and innovation so that they themselves do not feel threatened, because much of our business idea is also part of vision to generate ecological reserves in which an incentive to care these animals, and preserve our environment.

Then he concludes that not only marine zoo is an idea that is the forefront of global development, while joins campaign for our environment does not deteriorate, and thus is able to contribute to the development of Tolima not only in environments of culture, innovation and technology but also joins the global plan of environmental protection and habitat of animals in danger of extinction.


Given the observed variables in the environment in which you are thinking to establish the brand, a market study done with all that is created can both contribute and affect the project, thereby referring to the competition, prices being offered in the market by similar sites to which this pose, the same size and market segmentation.


Park-Museum Martinique. Fifty acres of land, most of them reforested by the Corporaci�n Colombia who promotes it. Are in operation early stages of development. It is ideal for outdoor activities. He has earned a site preference within the public and has achieved national recognition.

� It is located in the vicinity of the variant Ibague-Armenia and therefore enjoys great advantages in terms of accessibility at the local, regional and national levels.

Current Bid:

Plan or observation of flora: an ecological path exists where guided tours are organized, supported by teaching letters. There are observation platforms of flora and fauna.

Plan sport or adventure and risk: high risk sports activities such as cable down from a height of 26 meters. You can go mountain climbing and hiking around the area of ??the hill.

Hunting Photo : photos of landscapes and variety of flora and fauna. Walks observation of nature, especially birds in the woods.

Views of the city views from several directions and viewpoints located at different heights. Today the park features a museum Martinique offers more concrete and also has a development plan that strengthens its future image.

San Jorge Botanical Garden. Attractive promoted and administered by the Corporation of the same name, with input from the Pia Salesian Society, is located in the hills of northern Ibague at an approximate height of 1,500 m above sea level. It is located in the vicinity of the urban area, in the field of Calambeo, 2 Km from the city center. It communicates via urban and public transportation has taxis, buses and minibuses.

� It takes place in an area of ??approximately 60 hectares of native forest where you can see the sub-Andean forest biotic diversity, samples of herbaceous species, shrubs and trees that allow the knowledge of diverse ecosystems. Collect more than 500 plant species besides birds, insects and wildlife. It will advance recreational activities, research and education.

Current Bid

or outdoor theater.

or educational Days - Live Classroom.

� Bambusario, medicinal garden, heliconiario, orchid, educational trails, viewpoints urban and collection of ferns.

Springs Ranch. Although to date (February 2003) are not in service due to landslide phenomena that partially destroyed the facility, the supply of hot springs of El Rancho, has been one of the main tourist attractions city ??known both for landscape and environmental supply as for the therapeutic properties of its waters. There are already proposals for rehabilitation. They are located in the river canyon Combeima, in the village of Meetings, at an altitude between 2,000 to 3,000 m above sea level in the province under humid p�ramo climate with temperatures ranging from 7 to 12.5 � C. 40 km distant from the city center, have paved country road to Boards. The tour is approximately 35 minutes and has public transport minibuses, taxis and jeeps. Iguaima. Located in the northwestern part of town, in the village of Boards, 20 km from the city center where you can access for rural road paved in approximately 25 minutes using public transport minibuses, taxis or jeeps. Its height is 2,000 m above sea level, i

n a province fr�oh�medo climate, with temperatures ranging from 12.5 to 17.5 � C. Facilities designed as a study center. Has infrastructure for conferences, accommodation and restaurant, but it works very partially.

Orchid - Finca El Bosque. Project managed by the orchid foundation of Tolima, is a natural reserve devoted, as its name indicates, the conservation of orchids. Has to date 160 species among orchids and heliconias, tropical flowers, fruit, timber and also some native fauna. It is known to exhibit through guided tours and educational programs. It is located in the vicinity of the urban area in the area of Boqueron. To have access to public transport facilities.

Magic Mountain. Reserve civil society, located in the village of Santa Teresa, conducts tours ecological and environmental education programs, has good accessibility from the urban area.

Santaf� of Guaduales. It is an ecological reserve where nature has been harmonized and some processes of agricultural production. On the site you can see varied wildlife, both animals and plants and have 3,500 meters of hiking trails.

� It is located in the foothills of Mount Martinique, has immediate access from the city center for urban roads and the variation of Ibague, has the public transport with taxis and buses.

Current Bid

o There is infrastructure for agritourism

Hiking tours or ecological

environmental education or accommodation.


Panaca. interactive theme park with the world's largest variety in domestic zoology, 4,000 copies in eight seasons, complemented with exhibitions and special shows.

In the tour of Panaca, you can enjoy seven seasons and five fun exhibits.

The stations that account are: Livestock, Poultry and small animals, Swine, Dogs, Horses, agronomy and agro ecology.

The exhibitions are: Livestock, exhici�n Panaca, cerdodromo, dog show, horse exhibition. Travel time is a full day.

In a 100% safe, the interactivity of man and nature and the countryside, education and entertainment purposes, make the park a perfect place for unforgettable experiences, some more than 46 acres, beautiful trails, gardens and crops to enjoy.

Terra Passport Fee

Includes admission and tour of the park's trails and 8 stations where you can interact with more than 4,500 domestic animals zoology. Value ... $ 41,000

Coffee Park. park is the coffee culture, offering museum attractions related to the coffee culture has a replica of the square of Armenia at the time of colonization, rides, forest of myths and legends, show orchids, horseback riding and a variety of cuisine.

Plans may vary with attractions to visit.

Piscilago. L ocated in a privileged location on the warm Sumapaz Valley is located at Km 5 via Melgar - Girardot and 70 miles from Ibague.

With an average temperature of 28 � C. Piscilago, is considered one of the largest parks in the country, with various rides, water and natural (Zoo) and a capacity to receive a number greater than 10,000 visitors - day.

The recreational park and zoo is the most complete Piscilago recreational park in the country with an area of ??83 hectares and an average temperature between 27 and 30 (degrees Celsius).

Architectural uniformity, contrast with nature and water rides and mechanical, and one of the most comprehensive Colombia Zoos, make this park an ideal place to share and take advantage of free time with family.

Comparative advantages

With regard to all relevant market and direct competition that we generate other zoos and wildlife parks, our idea is innovative, never before seen in the country and beyond brings a number of animals from around the world, which we it pioneered the natural preservation at Colombia and we are also contributing to increased opportunities for research in marine life environments.

Apart from the location in the center of Colombia which makes it essential to not only for tourism but also for the creation of a natural preservation area center, joining the large reserves that are in the coffee zone, the south and much of the north-east.


In addition a survey was conducted to analyze the viability of the product and know whether to continue the idea, abandon, or reform, it also provides the ability to establish consumer preferences and product acceptance in the market they are going.

Univesidad of IBAGUE



OBJECTIVE: This survey is conducted to analyze the market and the viability of a marine zoo in the city of Ibague


a. 15 - 22 years

b. 23 - 30 years

c. 31 - 38 years

d. 39 - 46 years

e. More years


a. Female ___

b. Male ___

Stratum ___

1. What do you do?

a. Study at school

b. Study at university

c. Work

d. Other What? ____________________

2. When choosing entertainment, you would prefer:

a. Mechanical attractions

b. Natural Park

c. Extreme Sports

d. Shopping center

e. zoological

f. What other? _________

3. Of the following classes of animals choose the one you called attention:

a. Terrestrial (tiger, gorillas, reptiles etc.).

b. Water - Terrestrial (seals, sea lions, whales, dolphins etc.).

c. Air - ground (birds, cockatoos, flamingos etc.

4. Have you visited a marine zoo?

a. If what? ______________________________________

b. Not

5. Which of the following proposed names called the most?

a. Zoo marine

b. Sea Aquarium

c. Sea Area

d. Acualand

e. Blue World

f. Other What? _______________

6. How much would pay for the tour of the park and the entrance to the main show which focuses on sea animals (whale, dolphin and sea lion)?

a. 30,000 to 50,000

b. 51,000 to 70,000

c. 71,000 to 80,000


Taking into account the market research that I exercise in order to find if our business idea was viable, they have found the following results which disprove that has BLUE WORLD market and also has great success as a project in the department of Tolima .

According to the results of surveys of different strata and different parts of the city of Ibague found key points which give us a great approach to local realities, and tolimenses available to invest in our zoo marine is found that 60 respondents working more than half and has an average age of 15 to 38 years, the public also asked the preference in animals and 48% aquatic animals are most attractive for the region, therefore we innovate locally and nationally because there is no country in the center of any nature reserve which count marine animals, is then given by course level commercial appeal that is our idea is quite high as there is a market which does not to be explored, and has no established competition which directly affects the development of marine zoo, where it gives them an advantage since the opening of Blue World will not see another like it which will invade the market, by the otherwise be counted in the first sales of the portfolio of services can be regaining much of the investment and we can have enough time to promote and spread through our service the same customers.

Besides we also find that our idea can be applied to different layers, which gives us a variety of rates which we have to provide the service, because we have to record the stratum that most respondents was 3 and the rates according to the polls 30,000 to 50,000 range. Given that the opportunity exists to exploit the market at a leisurely pace, which does not alter or willingness to customers or the recovery of investment in the marine zoo, then we conclude that BLUE WORLD is a large market which is to explore and you can dispose of it without having to recover the investment immediately as there is no direct competition.

This wonderful and unique marine zoo that is thousands of miles from the sea is a very attractive investment for potential shareholders or the government itself, as being part of BLUE WORLD is making sure an investment which has quite lucrative benefits because it tends to be a great tourist attraction for the department of Tolima.

The strategies take into account the release of marine zoo is successful are:

� To create in people a new way of thinking about environments for recreation, fun, entertainment and culture, also get them interested in learning more about the marine habitat, which is a natural exotic appeal this city (Ibague) and that in it there is no close contact with the sea, ie to observe an animal of this species, it must travel a part of the country, causing more expenses.

� Reaching consumers through broadcast advertising (before, during and after launch) through print media such as flyers, catalogs and newspaper service, also used billboards and radio spots; The most important means by which we intend to cover entire target market is Internet, which currently is the most consulted.

� The marine zoo will have their own website where they showcase the portfolio of services offered, the park map, rates, hours of the show and side events that may occur depending on the season.

� Launch Event: this event will assist people from all sectors of the community and will explain the operation of the site, which brings advantages for both the department and the country, will raffle among participants and who win, get tickets to the main show.

� Release Rate: during the first three months, a person entering the zoo, the passenger is entitled to enter only canceling half the total fee.


In order to distinguish the service within the market and cause recall of the target market within the next mark is created mixed, that is composed of verbal elements: the name of the idea "Blue World" and its slogan "dip your mind." And figurative elements, the jellyfish and whale.

This brand has an association with the sea condition, since the watch is meant primarily blue world what makes reference, this brand is a powerful mnemonic device. It has thematic originality and formal, symbolic value and strength of visual and emotional impact, contributing to the constant re impregnation of the mark in the memory collectively.

� Slogan. to make more attractive and effective advertising impact was chosen following "Immerse your mind", which expresses in a clear, concise and direct the main feature of the service is to transport visitors to a magical world of fun water, knowing different sea creatures.


a. costs.

Because this is a big project that requires a major investment and has exorbitant costs, the exact calculation of costs is complicated.

Is an approximation based on the expenses incurred by similar companies among which include: labor, food for animals, facilities maintenance, administrative expenses, utilities, depreciation, among others, which gives us 00000000000 closer annually.

Given that the development of the idea involves investment, strategic alliances, which are profiled to similar companies around the world like Sea World, Sea Aquarium, Sea World, Aquatica, or you can go to sponsorships with companies that are within the country, such as Coca-Cola, Postobon, RCN, Gef among others.

b. pricing system.

The pricing method is valid rate, ie based on price competition due to the complexity of calculating the costs given.

As penetration strategy is used, ie relatively low and affordable prices which allow a massive influx of visitors are drawn to the service collectively.

c. expected return.




Entity where the processing is performed: Regional Autonomous Corporation of Tolima -

Dependence of the entity that meets the process: Legal Office

What is the procedure: If you are a person or entity, public or private, is required to establish a zoo, you should contact the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Tolima.

This procedure is intended for:

* Natural Person: - Mayor of Age - Colombian Citizen, Citizen Overseas Resident

* Legal Person: Public Law, Private Law.


1. Submit your written request, attaching brackets and listed in the same pass for review and filing.

Manual means the written request is presented with their supports in the Branch Office Headquarters CORTOLIMA

2. Notified of the order of initiation of proceedings and pay the value of publishing concept and environmental assessment rate

Office means the entity should report to the Legal Office to cancel the notification and publication of CORTOLIMA and evaluation fee in Bancolombia

3. Attend technical visit scheduled for CORTOLIMA

Attend media or designate another delegate

4. Notified of the administrative act by which approves or denies the authorization to operate the zoo

Office means the entity is notified to the interested party or attorney

5. Pay administrative act

Cash means Bancolombia account number 4352115878-6


Animal WAZA


The survival of zoos and aquariums depends on the recognition that our profession is based on respect for the dignity of animals in our care, the people we serve and the other members of the international zoo profession. Acceptance of conservation strategies WAZA is implicit in linking to it.

While recognizing that each region may have formulated its own code of ethics and animal welfare, the WAZA will seek to develop a strong tradition that will form the basis for a standard of ethical conduct.

Basic principles for the guidance of all members of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums:

(I) To contribute to the conservation and survival of the species should be the goal of all members of our profession. Any action taken in relation to an individual, eg euthanasia or contraception, should be approached from the highest ideal of survival of the species in mind. However, the welfare of the individual should not be compromised under any circumstances.

(Ii) To promote the interests of wildlife conservation and animal welfare through colleagues and society in general

(Iii) Cooperate with government and private agencies including wildlife agencies, conservation organizations and research institutions to assist in maintaining global biodiversity.

(Iv) Cooperate with governments and other governmental bodies to improve standards of animal welfare and ensure the welfare of animals in our care.

(V) To promote research and publication of results and achievements in the publications and forums.

(Vi) Find the best and fairest way to disseminate information among colleagues achievements.

(Vii) Promote public education programs and recreational and cultural activities in zoos and aquariums

(Viii) Work progressively towards achieving all the guide lines WAZA professionals. At all times shall act in compliance with laws

local, national and international endeavor to the highest standards of operation in all areas including the following

1 Animal Welfare. While recognizing cultural differences and customs within which the WAZA operates, it is the duty of its members to exercise the highest standards of animal welfare and ensure their adoption by other institutions. One way to ensure this goal is to give the best possible training to the team. WAZA members should ensure that all animals under their responsibility are treated with the utmost care and welfare must be the most important objective at all times. In all instances, the animal welfare laws should be regarded as minimum standards to follow. Always be followed animal care practices and adequate veterinary care shall always be available. Whenever an animal does not have a reasonable quality of life, should be quickly and painlessly euthanized.

2. Use of animals in the Zoo or Aquarium

When using "wild" animals in presentations, these presentations should:

(A) Providing a strong conservation message

(B) Focusing on the natural behavior

(C) shall not demean or trivialize the animal in any way

Any time that animal welfare is compromised, the submission must be completed immediately. When the animal is not used to be shown in public areas "off limits" should allow the animal sufficient space to express their natural behavior and contain appropriate elements of behavioral enrichment. Note that the above guidelines are focused on the "wild" animals in aquariums or zoos, but domestic animals used in petting zoos should take the same care.

3 Standards of the exhibits. All exhibits must be of a size and volume allow the animal to express natural behavior. Animals should have places to retire, they must also provided facilities where individuals can be isolated when necessary, eg for breeding and calving areas. At all times animals should be protected from conditions that undermine their welfare and animal welfare standards should be faithfully followed.

4. Acquisition of animals. All members shall endeavor to ensure that animals are born acquired under human care, this can be ensured through direct contact between zoos. Before purchasing an animal must be referred to the Species Coordinator. This does not prevent the receipt of animals confiscated or rescued. It is important to recognize that it is occasionally necessary for purposes of establishing a breeding program for conservation, education or biological studies the animals get caught in their habitat. Members must ensure that such quantities will not have a deleterious effect on the wild population.

5. Transfer of animals. Members shall ensure that institutions receiving animals have appropriate facilities to keep animals and expert staff to maintain the highest level of animal management and welfare requirements as members of WAZA. All animals to be transferred will be sent with your records, containing all the details of health, diet, reproductive status and genetic and behavioral characteristics which must be disclosed at the outset of negotiations. These files enable the host institution to make appropriate decisions regarding future management of the animal. All transfers of animals must conform to the standards and laws applicable to the particular species. When appropriate, animals should be accompanied by qualified personnel.

6. Contraception . Contraception can be used wherever there is need for reasons of population management. Possible side effects of surgical and chemical contraception, as well as the negative impact on behavior, should be taken into account before making the final decision of contraceptive measures is taken.

7. Euthanasia . When we investigated all the options and the decision to euthanize an animal, great care is taken to ensure its implementation so as to ensure a quick death without suffering. Euthanasia can be performed in accordance with rules and customs but can not be done if efforts are made ??to maintain a living animal could result in the end the individual to experience a quality of life well lived. Whenever possible, an autopsy must be performed and must be preserved biological material for research and gene conservation.

8. Mayhem. mutilation of an animal for cosmetic purposes, or to change your physical appearance, it is absolutely unacceptable. Handcuff birds for educational or management should be done only when no other feasible way of handling. Mark animals for identification purposes should always perform supervised training, in such a way as to reduce the pain to a minimum.

9. Research using animals in the zoo. All zoos should be involved in research and other scientific activities with respect to their animals and must actively distribute the results to their peers. Appropriate research areas include designing displays, comments, welfare, behavior, management practices, nutrition, animal handling, veterinary procedures and technology assisted breeding techniques, conservation biology and criopresentation of eggs and sperm. Every zoo to undertake such research should have a formally constituted research committee and all procedures must be approved by an ethics committee. Invasive procedures performed to contribute to medical research must not be made in zoo animals, however opportunistic collection of tissues made during routine procedures and the collection of material bodies, in most cases, it may be appropriate. Individual animal welfare and the preservation of species and biological diversity should be the highest values in deciding on the appropriateness of the research to be undertaken.

10. Release programs. All release programs should be conducted in accordance with the guidelines established by the group of experts from IUCN / SSC / for reintroduction. Not undertake any release program without the animals having undergone a thorough veterinary examination for purposes of determining their suitability for release and post release their welfare is reasonably safeguarded. After the release, you must be careful and follow-up monitoring program.

11. Deaths of animals in care. Unless compelling reasons not to, every animal that dies in captivity, or for a release program, must be made to the autopsy and to ascertain the cause of death.

12. External Affairs animal welfare. While this code of practice is designed for animals kept in zoos, aquariums, wildlife parks, sanctuaries, etc.., WAZA condemns the abuse and cruelty to any animal and must take a stand active on issues concerning wild animals live outside their circle of concern.

WAZA requires that:

� The capture of animals and other natural resources in their natural habitats must be sustainable and consistent with national and international legislation and conform to the policy of IUCN.

� Any international trade wild animals or their products should comply with CITES and national legislation of the countries involved.

WAZA opposes:

� The illegal and unsustainable harvesting of animals and other natural resources from nature, for example, the bush meat (bush meat), corals, skins or fur, traditional medicine, timber production.

� Illegal trade in wildlife and wildlife products.

� Methods cruel and indiscriminate collection of wild animals.

� The collection for the exhibition of animals, particularly tanks, where there is the expectation of high mortality.

� The use or supply of animals for "canned hunting", ie animals that hunt in confined spaces or when semitranquilizados or tied.

� The custody and transport of animals under adverse conditions, eg., Keeping in confinement bears to extract bile from bears dancing, traveling zoo and circus animals.

WAZA and its members should make every effort to encourage zoos and aquariums, which are kept in substandard conditions, to improve and achieve appropriate standards. If it becomes evident that there are no such institutions will improve, WAZA support the closure of such zoos and aquariums. This document was prepared based on the code of ethics in 1999 and the animal welfare code 2002. It was adopted in the administrative sealed in the 58th annual meeting, held on November 19, 2003 in San Jose, Costa Rica


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