The Environmental Benefits Of Globalization

Charles, J. A. (2004, July 14). The Environmental Benefits of Globalization. Retrieved from
Many people think globalization is bad for environment but there is not enough proof to back their argument. Because of globalization, consumers' market expands increasingly. It is hard for today's economy to satisfy consumers' unlimited want with limited resources. The author listed several measurements to convince readers that environment is actually getting better. The air quality is 31% better than 1970. The water quality is increased by 49%. This topic is somehow related to my research topic. There are increasing numbers of Chinese people who move to other country and environmental problem is one of the factors that motivate them to do so.
'Although it's counter-intuitive to many environmental advocates, rising affluence is an important prerequisite to environmental improvement' (Charles, 2004, p. 186). Because people are getting richer and richer, people's tastes has been changing. Rich people concern more about environmental problems than do poor people.

Hastings, M., & Thiel, S., & Thomas, D. (2003, January 20). The deadly noodles. Newsweek, Vol. 141, Issue 3.
Hastings, Stefan and Thomas claim that 'Greasy burgers and processed food may be the most insidious forms of American cultural imperialism' (Michael, 2003, p. 180). French food has achieved success by resisting other influences of food industry.
However, French food industry has started to involve junk food from USA even though it claims their food is healthy. Because of the expanding of the fast food, the number of obese people in western countries has grown increasingly. Nowadays people start to use vegetable oils instead of butter oils. Also, people contain 300 more calories now than did before.

Kakabadse, Y. (2002). Is Ethics the Missing Link? UN Chronicle no.3
Although globalization can bring tons of benefits to many countries, those profits that have been brought by globalization are not the same for every countries. Some get more and some get less. Besides, globalization has created some problems as well. Such as environmental issues that have been bothered every country for the last decade. People have treated their environment less seriously than they did before. Globalization should bring benefits to both society and environment. Kakabadse (2002) concluded that 'sustainable development provides an alternative vision where natural systems are intimately linked to the systems created by people to allow life to continue to flourish in many forms' (p. 189).

Knickerbocker, B. (2004, January 22). If Poor Get Richer, Does World See Progress? The Christian Science Monitor. Retrieved from
Consumers' tests have been changed as the world's economy is changing. Because of that, the market has been changing supply to meet the increasing demand from the rich. So it is making the poor very hard to keep up. All of these are happening due to globalization. Many people in different countries like China and India have quickly dominated the buyer market. This rise in demand has made many damages to the environment and customers themselves.
Even though there is a increase in sales, people not really become happier. So rich does not equal to happy. Also, because of globalization, another situation emerged. The gap between the rich and the poor is getting bigger and bigger. In addition, Knickerbocker (2004) indicates that 'the swelling numbers of consumers reflect the improvement in material conditions that has paralleled the progress of nations since the dawn of civilization' (p. 186).

The Levin Institue. (n.d.). Globalization and Local Culture. Retrieved from
Globalization allows most people to satisfy their wants and needs that are from foreign countries. However, this globalization would decrease the demand of the local good and services. Globalization allows the communication of foreign cultures, thus increase cultural expressions. This article is a useful source for my research paper because it clearly states the globalization of the product market, which is one of the reasons for Chinese people moving to other country.
The author states that 'one of the principal concerns about the new globalization of culture that is supposedly taking place is that it not only leads to a homogenization of world culture, but also that it largely represents the 'Americanization' of world culture' (p. 179). Especially, in the food industries allow globalization exchanges traditional food of each country.

Ma, Y (Spring, 2008). Paths of Globalization: From the Berbers to Bach. News Perspective Quarterly.
The author describes the globalization from a professional cellist's point of view. The majority of people feel threatened by globalization because globalization makes them feel the lack of cultural identity. Then, the author mentions the edge effect to further illustrate the influence of globalization.
In addition, the author uses the example of music industry to prove the complexity of globalization. However, globalization also can connect each others' perspective of music and better the music industry. Like Yo-Yo Ma said 'In a highly competitive hierarchical world driven by tests and measurable results, I would like to propose four priorities for education that are hard to measure and easy to ignore' (2008. P.182).

Pew Global Attitudes Project. (2007, October 4). World Publics Welcome Global Trade- But Not Immigration. Retrieved from
The world loves globalization but at the same time scared about the negative influence it brings. Western countries are less supportive of globalization than do Asian countries. 'Overwhelmingly, the surveyed publics see the benefits of increasing global commerce and free market economies' (2007, p. 177). This article does relate to my research topic about Chinese immigration. It helps me to find out what cause countries other than China to fear those immigrants.
Most countries support globalization. However, they have become less supportive since 2002. Most people believe that their lives are better living in capital countries. Most people are concerned about losing their culture expressions because of the foreign cultural influences. People who lie in the west mostly worried about immigration but it was hard for government to tighter the control of the countries' borders.

Rifkin, I. (2003). Spiritual Perspective on Globalization. Skylight Paths Publishers.
Rifkin (2003) wrote about 'what is globalization, and why do so many people-including many people of faith who see ultimate good, and even God's hand' (p. 176). Lots of people are worried about globalization because globalization shows the international economy of recent years. Globalization shows the consequences of burying cultural expressions.
Globalization also reveals consumers' unlimited wants. Nowadays, globalization is happening in a increasing speed. The first globalization occurred after the World War two, when the economy was recovered from the war.

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