Measures 66 and 67

The Oregon measures 66 and 67 result had already came out. Both will be implemented in Oregon. There are two main groups of competitors who will have a chance to either win this election or lose it: those who oppose the measures and those who support them. Nevertheless, this is not a bias one-side winning or losing game; there are consequences for all voters whether they are state employees, business owners, high income earners or the general public.

If the measures pass there will be more government and state bureaucracies created even though the argument is to boost education, health care, and public safety with more funding. A passage in 67 will result in a tax increase for businesses and corporations, which in a sense will cause them to face employment cuts and may even run out of business. As a result the general job seekers will have more difficulties in finding jobs.

Some people argue that there is no winning or losing game when it comes about taxation. I think there certainly is. There might be a lot of individuals out there whose income exceeds $125,000, or couples that make over $250,000 a year. Now, these individuals may make that much money through hard work and successful leadership. So why these people should be charged at the expense of others and the government bureaucrats? It turns out that they should not because they are already paying a huge amount of their paycheck in other various forms of taxes. So it doesn't make any sense to give the government a bigger stick while they already have one.

At the moment I may not be affected personally whether these measures pass or not, but down the road I will for sure be affected because these measure are set to be permanent. For example, I used to work in a car company last summer. When I was hired the company had cut their employees from 150 to 120 in a period of few months due to the economic recession. If measure 67 passes, such companies may get forced to lay off more of their employees, so I may not be able to find a job as easily. So clearly in both measures, if they pass, there will be a huge increase in the government employment rate and more losses to the businesses and corporations. As a result, none of these measures are designed to help the economy but to create more government bureaucracies. Now, will it be easier for the thousands of unemployed individuals to seek jobs with the government or private business and corporations? Common sense says that it would be easier to get jobs when the businesses are able to hire more people. This way we will not only have a more stable economy but also better lives.

On the other hand, there are also some unintended consequences if these measures pass: there will be an increase in the government employment rate, an enrollment increase in the sate social service programs, such as food stamps, a decline in Oregon farming activities, a huge enrollment increase in the state health plan, and last but not least it will cause great losses to the businesses.

Yes, they do say that 66 and 67 will help educational institutions to stay with their current budgets and not do any more cuts. But pressuring the businesses or the hard worker Americans is not the answer to compensate the education, health or public safety deficits.

Unfortunately, I was not in the US when Oregon legislatures proposed the sales tax bill, which didn't pass. But I have been to many other states where there is a sales tax for everything you purchase. My personal experiences in states with a sales tax tell me that it's a good thing that the Oregon sales tax bill didn't pass because it just doesn't feel good to pay an extra amount on top of the actual cost of a product.

I am fairly new to the systems in the United Sates, and unfortunately cannot vote ,but I surely find these topics fascinating. Researching about this topic with a deeper concern was very engaging and eye opening. If I have the power to enact my proposal, I will make this propose pass. Because I think this issue is not only for middle and upper-class families but also all Oregonians in the long run. In this economic crisis, I will chose to make 66 and 67 pass and make good lives for Oregonians.

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