REMI Forecasts Of Increased Population Of Memphis

Memphis area continues to expand into many suburbs and other smaller cities around the area. For this very reason, REMI forecasts of increased population and employment (in red) were then "fed back" into the ISTDM in later stages of the study. These forecasts account for the full level of traffic impacts that would result from increases in population and employment expected from economic development stimulated by the highway. The US 385/Southwest Rail corridor continues to rise in population and employment with inadequate transportation capability on current streets and highways resulting in greater than before travel time, delays, and air pollution.

New development and redevelopment occurring along the corridor expected to generate an increase in travel demand Percentages of this area are already heavily developed. Route concepts evaluated against the plan goals and performance measures within their geographic groups. The geographic grouping of route concepts disclose the action of each route concept on each measure (cost as well as Purpose and Need), and explain the routes which were recommended for further study
. I-385/I-269 project opens up a large area of land for development east of I-385, and both north and south of Route 57.

It also opens up a large area of land on Route 72 in Piperton. There is a 500,000 warehouse already being build there, and in the past year, we have seen development along Wingo Road. It will result in 1,500 fewer serious crashes in 2025, which is approximately 30,000 fewer serious crashes over a 20-year period, resulting in 40,000 fewer injuries over that period. Over the past few decades, both Shelby and Fayette County have seen steady and substantial population and employment growth. Future predictions point toward that the rate of growth will continue to be high over the next 25-30 years.

The purpose of the projected development is to improve mobility, accessibility, and system linkage between the major residential areas with major employment centers, such as Downtown and the Memphis International Airport. The 16 municipalities of the Memphis metro area were once divide by open fields and a rural landscape. Today, more than one million people live in a constantly developed area across three states in municipalities sharing common borders. The only physical separation between the cities of the metro is the Mississippi River.

The cities, as workings of the metro area, govern and manage the life of the community. Each city's precise role in the region well defined by its position in the geometry of the metro structure, its demographic characteristics and its economic, institutional, environmental and cultural resources. Within this pattern, each city has a definable relationship to other cities and the metro itself. Understanding the role and relationship of each city within the metro framework is essential if the metro cities are to work together effectively in establishing common goals and strategies vital to the region's future.

Structural Changes the structure of the metro area create by a permanent and static set of elements. While structural change takes place slowly, it has the greatest and most significant impact on the population distribution, the location of economic activity and traffic flow patterns. Current plans for the completion of the next phase of the metro structure are focused on expanding the structure to the east in the form of the outer beltway. Plans are in place to expand the metro structure with an outer belt freeway that would connect the Paul W. Barret Parkway with TN 385 and MS 304.

If we are going to be a distribution hub, we need a good highway and rail network. Another reason for this project is the fact that the Memphis's carbon monoxide level meets the national average of 9 ppm, averaged over an 8-hour period. However, Memphis, air quality index is 18.6% greater than the Tennessee average and 24.3% greater than the national average. This term requires all transportation developments in the region to conform to a county transportation plan that reduces auto emissions. Failure to be a part of a conforming plan results in lack of federal funds for that project.

Traffic congestion degrades air quality by the stop and go action and increases mobile source emissions. Efficient and desirable roadways can help reduce traffic congestion, helping improve air quality. The overall format of the EIS concerning this project does in fact meet the basic requirements found in the text by Marriot. The place and proposal of the plan will study impacts to the aquatic resources, as well as the floodplain areas in accordance with Executive Order 11988 and all federal and regional regulations. The plan designed and form to diminish harm to the environment.

Terrestrial and aquatic studies conducted to decide the plan's impact on the ecological environment. Studies and investigations determine the presence of any endangered or threatened species or unique wildlife habitat that could influence by construction of the project. If any, of wetlands and other aquatic resources involvement in the project. Every practicable attempt made to elude adverse ecological impacts and mitigation measures developed to diminish impacts that cannot be avoided. Studies conducted to determine the presence of any underground storage tanks or other dangerous materials within the project limits.

Measures to avoid these locations, if practicable. However, if dangerous material site/underground storage, tanks cannot be avoided; suitable measures and cleanup of the sites will be completed in accordance with federal and state procedures governing these actions.
The scoping process was upheld in this case as there were five alternatives proposed for this project in addition to the No Build Alternative. All five were similar in that they were connecting the same corridor, but were different in connection points once in Memphis.

The Alternate Corridors under study ('A' and 'B') will require crossings of aquatic resources such as blue-line streams, wetlands, creeks and rivers. The most notable water bodies within the project area are the Loosahatchie River, Wolf River, and the Coldwater River. The entire study corridor (Alternate 'A' and 'B') described pursuant to the 1987 US Army Corps of Engineers. Delineation Manual and impacts to aquatic resources measured for each refined alignment. The difference was that one was to use the Union Pacific Railroad right-of-way (UPRR), one the highway (Tennessee Department of Transportation or TDOT) right-of-way, a newly acquired right-of-way, or a combination of each.

Instead of aligning Collierville-Arlington Expressway/Parkway to merge into Nonconnah, extend Collierville-Arlington south to spill into the proposed extension of Miss. 304. The two parkways would intersect under MPO's tentative plan, requiring a free-flow interchange for motorists to switch from one parkway to the other without stopping. Newly acquired ROW could have potential environmental impacts on a broader range of categories such as wetlands, floodplains, parkland, residential and industrial property displacements, noise and vibration, threatened and endangered species, and cultural resources.

The future of the I-69 corridor is currently uncertain. With local and state governments scrabbling to salvage their budgets and a strong drive in Washington to trim the size of the federal government, funding for the corridor is uncertain at best. The absence of a long-term federal surface transportation bill puts the brakes on construction and has left the local partners in a game of wait-and- The general impression of this EIS would be one of exhaustion and time. However, what would be the alternative; an incomplete look at all possible environmental impacts.

Although exceedingly time consuming, the EIS is a necessary document that delivers much study and understanding into proposed developments. This holds true for most if not all EIS's, and this circumstance will not change. The key to 'rationalization' the process so to express is having the right people in the right places to do the study vital for each project. This will guarantee proper productivity necessary to attain timely outcomes (if possible). Without having the right team of people in place, this procedure will be even more demanding than it already is, and that will not be helpful to the people or the environment

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