Unemployment plays very important part in our life. Today I m going to disscuse about the unemploment in pakistan. Unemployment is one of the biggest problem In pakistan. That person in unemployed who has ability to do work and Is willing to do work but is unable to get job opportunity in the current situaion more than 300,000 peoples are unemployed in pakistan and unemployment ratio 12% in pakistan.


         Unemployment is a major problem for any country , the position of pakistan will be seen.we will also look at the urban and rural areas of pakistan and look at the unemployment rate there. The table below shows the total population of pakistan. It can be clearly seen the pakistan is suffering from over population and the being an underdeveloped country it is very difficult to control this. This also effect the employment rateof pakistan. The population is increasing as we can see in the tabel. Althoughthe growth rate is decreasing by the actual figure of populaion has increased from 90.10 million in 2004 to 149.03 in 2009. This shows the rapid rate of increase in force is defined as all persons of ten years of age and more who worked at least one hour during the reference period and were either paid employees or self employed.

          This defined by the government of pakistan. The table below shows the amount of people employed in pakistan. Of the labour force of 42.75 million 39.4 are employed. 27.6 of them working in the rural areas and 11.8 in the urban areas. We can see the same aspect of the higher population rate in the rural area has caused a higher employment rate in the rural areas. the government has neglected the unregistered people who are actively participating in the labor force but are not emploed because there are no jobs available to them. This cause is the negligence of the government and of the people as well as meny. The maor problem can be seen in the table below. It is the unemployment rate in pakistan. Accourding to the government is defined as all persons ten years of age and above who during the period under refrence were

  1. Without work i.e were not in paid employment or self-employed,

  2. Currently available for work i.e were available for paid employment or self employment.

  3. Seeking work i.e had taken specific steps in a specified period to seek paid employment or self emploment.

  4. The table reveals that unemployment has increased from 5.89 % in 2004 to 7.82 % in 2009. Similarly unemployment in rual areas, which was 4.98 % in 2005, has risen to 6.94 % in 2006 & urban unemployment has enhanced from 7.95 % in 2004 to 9.92 % in 2009.e


         There are two sector of the economy are growing faster than others sector which are dairy sector and industrial sector.


         The rapid industrialization plays an important role in accelerating

         The rate of growth of theeconomy. It provides employment opportunities, increase income through multiplier effect and upgrade the technological base of the economy. The high cost of utilities, lack of physical infrastructure, low investment, lack of skilled manpower and R&D capabilities are the main obstacle in industrial growth. The following recommendations are made to ensure sustainable growth of manufacturing sector.

  • The engine of growth of mnufacturing be the private sector and the government role may be restricted to provision of utilities and regulatory frame work.

  • Level playing field for demestic and foreign investors and small and large scale producers.

  • Fiscal incentives for promoting research and development and national awards for outstanding R&D achivemens and its commercialization.
    • Improve efficiency of manufacturing sector by tariff reduction and rationalization to ensure competitiveness in local and foreign markets.

    • Public-private partnership in defence production and removal of discriminatory regulations on import of raw material, parts and assemblies.

    • Fiscal and monetary incentives to invest and develop engineering and chemical industries.

    • In view of WTO regime, manufacturing sector be encouraged to upgrade technology, replace existing machinery and introduce BMR to be competitive in the world market.

    • Industrial estates be developed in close proximity of large engineering units. Development of vendor industry, transfer of technology and provision of credit will follow it.

    • Activate judiciary for fast, efficient and transparent dispute resolution to facilitate access to technology and foreign investment through strategic alliances.

    • Facilitate and encourage private sector to enter into joint ventures with multinationals and use brand names to market products.

    • Cost of doing business is made attractive by reducing utility prices, simplifying the procedures of registration, avoiding multiplicity of taxes and restricting use of discretionary powers by the tax authorities.

    • Encourage value addition in textile industry to remain competitive in the world market.
    • Re-orient the education and training in accordance with manpower requirements of the existing and future industries.

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