Custom essay companies and cheating

Custom essays and cheatingCustom essay companies and cheating

Is using a custom essay writing service a way to cheat?

Most universities accuse custom essay writing companies of helping students to cheat.  It's certainly true to say that it's far harder to detect that a student has used a custom essay company, than it is to detect if they have copied and pasted material from the Internet.  But does that mean that all students using these companies are cheats? No.

The legitimate use of custom essays

Universities use essays to help assess whether or not students have understood the course material.  In fact, essays are a very poor way of doing that, and really just assess whether a student can write a good essay or not.  Some students just aren't great at writing essays, even those that have understood the course perfectly well.  Other students struggle with the language, having joined the course from some other country.  While they know the answers, they struggle to put their thoughts on paper.  Finding little extra support at their university, they turn to custom essay writing companies for help.

Having an essay written for you is not much different from looking at the past answers that lecturers so often hand out to help students write better. Only it's much more specific.  

You've got all the correct sources in front of you, arranged in the right order, and you'll see how a good writer puts them together to create a great answer.  With a model answer in front of you, you're able to learn how to write better essays in the most natural way: by example.  Think how you do this in so many other situations in life!

Custom essays used improperly

Of course, some students choose to use custom essays to cheat, handing them in and trying to pass them off as their own work.  This is a great shame as the student loses out on the opportunity to learn from the work and to use it as a starting point to further their own research, reading and writing.  It is also a risky strategy as, unless the student orders every single essay from the same writer, most tutors are smart enough to recognise a change in writing style which may arouse suspicion.  If the student is unable to then answer questions and show a good understanding of the essay, they could face being accused of plagiarism.  So using a custom essay as a model answer to write your own work is the best strategy with the greatest benefit.

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