Choosing and using an essay writing company

Essay writing companyChoosing and using an essay writing company

How to choose a company and avoid the pitfalls

Custom essay writing companies help students who are struggling to write an essay, by providing them with a complete original answer to their essay question.  The student then has the choice of whether to hand the work in as if it were their own, or to adapt or rewrite the work to produce their own original piece of work (read more on custom essays and cheating).

How it works

Most custom essay writing companies take orders over the web, though an order form.  Some demand payment up front, others don't.

Once your order is received, the companies will seek to find a writer for you, and collect payment if they have not already done so.  Companies have different policies in selecting writers – some will look for a writer that has already attained a degree in your subject area, and others simply use any writer, often paying as little as £100 a year to contract writers located in India and Pakistan.  For this reason, it's important to choose a trustworthy company who guarantee the quality of the essay you receive, and who are located in a jurisdiction where you stand a chance of getting your money back if things go wrong.

Once the writer has completed your work, it will usually be uploaded to an online area, or emailed to you.  Most companies offer some sort of 'amendments' guarantee, so that if you are not happy, you can ask for changes.  However, there are almost always restrictive clauses in the terms and conditions limiting the value of this.  Again, choosing a reputable essay writing company is essential to ensure you are not stung if things go wrong.

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